Personnel Investigations

There comes a time in the career of every Human Resource (HR) manager, or business owner, when an allegation of employee misconduct, a rumor of something inappropriate or a harassment complaint is made that requires some sort of action. Worse yet, the first you hear of the complaint is when you’re notified by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a lawsuit and you must play catch-up.

These are the situations where an internal personnel investigation is required. Personnel investigations gather the required facts and sort through the various statements in order to pull together the information needed for employment decisions.

Many agencies and businesses will seek to keep their personnel investigations “in-house,” and will use supervisors or other trained staff for their internal personnel investigations. As well meaning as this practice is, it over looks the reality of human interactions within the organization. Unfortunately treating employees equally isn’t always enough to make employees feel equally treated. Perception is reality and if employees feel they’re losing out to preference, confidence and efficiency will decline whether it’s true or not.

Personnel investigations, conducted by competent and impartial private investigators, validate to employees that their employer has no biases and is dedicated to treating them fairly. A proper personnel investigation will address not only the underlying policy issue(s), but also provide detailed documentation in preparation for a labor hearing or trial.

Security and Training

ORISR can assist employers with their physical security policies, plans, and programs, in order to provide for a safer workplace. This is done by way of a physical security assessment (PSA) which includes a comprehensive physical inspection and evaluation of all security systems, controls, and their restrictions.  The PSA combines an audit of current security mechanisms, an analysis of any limitations of the current system and recommendations for improving the overall physical security apparatus.

ORISR can also provide training to employees, supervisors and management in various areas of office safety and security (including Work Place Violence and Active Shooter training) depending on the specific needs of the organization.